EASY COVER Silicone Cover for Canon 7D


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This custom designed and fitted silicone cover fits your camera perfectly to protect it from bumps and knocks as well as sand and dust in day to day use whilst still allowing full access to all buttons and switches on the camera as well as an unobstructed view of screens and displays. 

The cover is easy to fit to the camera and also to remove when you need to as well. It provides excellent protection and cushioning without compromising the intended ergonomics of the camera. 

The case also provides shock and scratch proof protection and fits the camera like a glove. Made from high quality silicone it is splash proof with a wipe clean finish. 

If an additional battery grip is being used then a slight trim of the silicone cover will be required in most cases, but this is easily accomplished and we are happy to help if you require any assistance. 

Access to the memory card and battery compartments is also permitted whilst the case is fitted to the camera.