MINOX DTC 450 Trail Camera

MINOX DTC 450 Trail Camera

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The Minox DTC 450 trail camera is one of the latest cameras in the German company's line up. 

This discreet yet powerful camera is uniquie in that it has a very slim design meaning it does not protrude as much and is less obvious that other similar camera of a larger size. It also features a front facing screen which is a highly useful feature when setting up the camera for the correct positioning. 

The camera can capture still images at 12mp resolution and has a 15m detection range for moving subjects. There is an option to record HD video also. It features a fast capture time of less than one second, standby of up to 6 months from the 8x A size batteries and is assisted at night with an infra red illuminating 'black flash' which is invisible to humans and most animals. 

The camera can be mounted using the included straps which are easy to asdjust and the option to secure the camera using a locking cable is also present by means of the anchor holes on the body. 

This camera is a fantastic addition to your wildlife kit with which to aid you in capturing fantastic close range candid images of wildlife either close to or far away from your home.