SQUARE HOOD-Lanyard - Leather Wrist Strap- BROWN

SQUARE HOOD-Lanyard - Leather Wrist Strap- BROWN


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Our Lanyard straps are 220mm in length, 10mm in width and 3.5mm thick. These come with a rubber ring to adjust the opening size.

Hand stitched with waxed thread, attachment to the camera is by a ''keyring'' fitting. Each strap comes with leather eyelets to protect the camera from scratches.

All rings are antique brass, except on the black straps where we have matt black  rings. 

Our straps are unique in that they are only 10mm in width, the standard is 12-15, but they are nice a thick and give a very robust feel. 

The natural straps will darken over time.

Also available in BLACK

Limited number available