SQUAREHOOD Mini Soft Shutter Button~

SQUAREHOOD Mini Soft Shutter Button~


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The Squarehood mini soft shutter button adds a flash of colour and design flair to your FUJI x100 camera. As well as this it makes is somewhat easier and more comfortable to operate the shutter release. 

The button is discreet and is only 7mm in diameter and rises 2mm from the shutter button.



  • Made from solid brass
  • Improves the handling and aesthetics of the camera
  • Available in two colours
  • Discreet addition to the camera, minimal bulk
  • Comes with a rubber o-ring to prevent accidental unscrewing


How to use?

Simply screw the button into the thread in the shutter release button on your camera finger tight. 

Should fit other cameras with a threaded shutter if they are standardised but this has not been tested on all models.